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Instructions for shades

Step 1:

Before installing your shade, make sure all parts listed below are present. If any part is missing or damaged, please do not assemble, install, or operate

Contents include:

Brackets (2-3) and screws (4-6)

Handle (1)


Step 2:

Gather Additional Tools

Required: The following tools are not included,but will be needed to complete your installation.

Drill with 1/16-inch bit




Step ladder

Step 3: Begin Installation

Mark location of shade and brackets

Outside Mount

Note that the shade may be installed either inside or outside the window frame.

Tip: Make sure mounting brackets and/or mounting surface are level, otherwise your shade could telescope during the lifting operation

Step 4. Drill Hole

Step 5. Screw in Brackets

Step 6. Mount Shade in Brackets

Side View Hang back of headrail channel onto the back of the clip.

Rotate headrail forward and up

Clips will click when secure

Step 7. Assembling the operation handle

Locate handle in the center of bottom rail.

Step 8. Operate the Shade

Standard lift

Cleaning instructions:

Lightly vacuum with a soft brush attachment or wipe with a duster

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